There shall be signs in the heavens….

Once in a while I listen to Rick Wiles’ TruNews radio show.  Today’s show had a particularly interesting subject as his guests were discussing a celestial event that will happen Tuesday evening, June 30, 2015.  Venus and Jupiter will come into conjunction for about 10 hours in the constellation Leo.  This is the very conjunction both guests, Jim Dodge and Dr. Dale Sides believe heralded the first coming of the Messiah.  (The last year and the the next are chock FULL of celestial events.  Many, never before seen!!)

Jim Dodge, the guest in the first half hour referred to it as the Bethlehem star and I was furiously taking notes because his speculation sounded off and I wanted to dig deeper in the timing and location.  His site does have a couple papers I want to study further, but even a quick perusal of two yields glaring errors.  The next guest, Dr. Dale Sides of Liberating Ministries, got my attention almost immediately when he began referring to “Tishri 1,” “Messiah,” etc…  Further, his understanding of and interest in celestial events as Scripture points to them, moedim/signs and seasons, has led him to developing Christological Astronomy.  His portion of the show was riveting and left me wanting more.

A little digging lead me to Dr. Dale’s Blog and several interesting articles, not the least of which is Deciphering the Meaning of the Tetrad Eclipses.  In it he explains several amazing phenomenon connected with the Blood Moon tetrad we have been keeping an eye on.  I highly recommend Dale’s blog for several more related and interesting articles!!

So, Tuesday evening we plan to eat dinner outside, watch the sun set and witness the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter into the very brightest light in the heavens next to the moon or sun!!



Tonight: Pesach 2015 and Third Blood Moon!!!

This is the second Passover in a row with a potentially VERY significant and ominous blood moon in the sky.  As we have discussed before, the planet is in the midst of a Blood Moon Tetrad, a series of four blood moons within a two year timespan.  Amazingly, this is one of the extremely rare times that all four fall on the major Feasts of Yehovah (the Lord).  Last year, Passover and Sukkot with the identical pattern again this year.  Even more interesting was a total solar eclipse that just occurred on the first day of the Hebrew calendar and the midpoint of the four blood moons….

Following is an interesting article from Israeli news titled,


Shocking Passover Blood Moon Predictions by Israeli Rabbi

A mystic rabbi living in southern Israel is urging all Jews to pray and repent as the third Blood Moon of a tetrad cycle approaches.

Rabbi Amram Vaknin, who similarly predicted the events of the Gaza flotilla and the Carmel forest fire in 2010, and Operations Pillar of Defense (2012) and Protective Edge (2014), warns that Israel is facing great judgment and potential danger at this time.

One of Rabbi Vaknin’s students, Gil Nachman, spoke to Breaking Israel News and, quoting the sage, explained that the numeric value of the Hebrew word for blood, dam, which is 44, alludes to the 44th president of the United States.

Vaknin predicted that the 44th president would bring bloodshed (dam) to the Jewish people. It should be noted that the rabbi made this prediction before President Barack Obama’s election to office.

Vaknin believes that only 44 plus one, or 45, can counter the danger represented by the blood moons. This, he says, is Adam, or Man, which in this case refers to the Messiah.

Article continues here…

Very interesting and definitely bear watching.  The prophet Joel warns of signs in the heavens before the great and terrible day of Yehovah.  May we draw near to Him and His Messiah as we enter the secret place.

Chag Sameach!!

Blood Moon Update… Counting down!

Well, for several years there has been a buzz, largely generated on the research of Mark 4e1b_e96dBiltz concerning the upcoming Blood Moon tetrad.  We have written several times about this upcoming sign in the heavens and now wait, with baited breath, to the see the first of the four, weather permitting!

Here are several links that will refresh the background information…

Blood Moons… Signs in the Heavens!

More on the Upcoming Blood Moons!  (Two Videos)

Interestingly, and maybe uniquely, these four lunar eclipses occur ON Feast Days as can be seen in the graphic above.  (Click for larger size.)

A graphic depicting where this first eclipse will be visible Continue reading “Blood Moon Update… Counting down!”