There shall be signs in the heavens….

12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; and she was with child; and she *cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth.

Revelation 12 relates a sign that will appear in the heavens.  Significantly, it is a sign that is associated with the Geulah, Redemption! It is a sign that has only happened once in the history of the world, September 11, 3 BC and it will happen only again once in the foreseeable future/next couple thousand years. The picture below is from free astronomy software, Stellarium, seen from Jerusalem at sunset on September 23, 2017.  Interestingly, this is on Yom Teruah, the Day of Trumpets.  Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you see…. Continue reading “There shall be signs in the heavens….”

Camp Mashiach, Messianic Youth Camp. Registration is open….

Hey all, a quick note to remind you that NOW is the time to get your sons and daughters, ages 13-18, registered for Camp Mashiach, a Messianic/Hebrew roots Youth camp!

Earlier today we watched Camp Yeshua sell out about 350 camper slots in a short 16 hours from opening of registration!  Camp Mashiach, in its second year, is a fantastic choice, modeled after Camp Yeshua.  Last year, three of our sons attended Camp Mashiach and had a blast while experiencing spiritual growth.

I highly recommend.  Do not delay…  Registration is open!

Dividing and Gathering

20161029_165208During last week’s Torah Portion, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, while leading the Shabbat discussion at the Second B’ney Yosef Congress, made a statement that I found very interesting and insightful.  Of course, the Portion was Bresheit and their focus was on the creation and fall of Adam and Chava.

As we read the Portion, we noted the dividing and bringing together of light and dark into one day, the dividing of waters below waters and the sky, then the dividing of waters and land, etc, etc.  In each case, the dividing revealed something and the bringing together revealed something else in how each relates to the other and how together he parts reveal aspects of the Creator.

This process culminates in the dividing out of Chava from Adam.  He was perfect, yet, Abba chose to divide him, taking Chava out of him and then immediately bringing the two back together.  We know, quite well, that men and women are different and that each reveals different aspects of the Father.  Man and woman started as one, were divided.  Fell in rebellion and are in the process of being restored.

All of this we know.  Continue reading “Dividing and Gathering”

Prophecy unfolding faster and faster!!

I woke this morning to an email from friend, Hanoch Young, announcing a terrific new article in Breaking Israel News by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler.  Guys, you have GOT to go read this article that pulls together some neat pieces and people.

Recently, I posted the Ari Abramowitz radio program about Torah keeping non-Jews and have written before about friends in Jordan, with at least one dear couple from that community as personal close friends.  Here, the several pieces come together, but most exciting is that this article portents an increasing speed of recognition and visibility for the global non-Jewish Torah keeping community.  Just as we saw in yesterday’s post  about Scott Hillman’s denominational leaders being willing to take a closer look, here we have Jews taking a closer look…

Folks, the ‘tectonic shift,’ is underway!  The article is from a decidedly Jewish perspective, but Parham makes a solid and true statement that Yeshua is our Messiah and that is non-negotiable!!  Check this out!!

Many Christians “Thirsting for Torah”, Striving to Live Bible-Oriented Lives

Tales from the bus. Missed….

Many of my longsuffering readers know that I am a bus driver and driver trainer for the local school district.  Previously, I have blogged a few posts related to work and theological lessons from interactions on the job…..  Grouped as ‘Tales from the bus,’ this is another such missive.

Lately, we have been critically short of drivers due to a number of irrelevant factors.  Long story short, several driver’s recent bouts with a stomach bug has left us scrambling each day to get children home.  Routes are being piecemealed between drivers who are willing to pull double duty or drive sections that border their normal routes, then a couple staff members in the office get to pick up the rest.  “Adventure” would be an understatement.

This afternoon I was assigned two short elementary routes that I whipped out before racing to the high school to pick up two routes of high schoolers.  To keep from confusing the elementary students, I used their bus, but placed large prominent numbers on the bus for the two high school routes.  The signs clearly said, ‘1 & 5‘. Continue reading “Tales from the bus. Missed….”

Another Reason Jesus HAD to Die….

If you are like me, you have heard ten thousand times that Jesus/Yeshua died for our sin, the sin of the world, etc…

But did you know, Scripture teaches that He had to die for another reason?

Me neither.  It never dawned on me, but it is clearly there.

He HAD to die because His covenant bride had played the harlot and His Divine righteousness demanded that He divorce her.  His own law demanded that He could not remarry her except “she be released from the law concerning the husband.”

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