Dividing and Gathering

20161029_165208During last week’s Torah Portion, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, while leading the Shabbat discussion at the Second B’ney Yosef Congress, made a statement that I found very interesting and insightful.  Of course, the Portion was Bresheit and their focus was on the creation and fall of Adam and Chava.

As we read the Portion, we noted the dividing and bringing together of light and dark into one day, the dividing of waters below waters and the sky, then the dividing of waters and land, etc, etc.  In each case, the dividing revealed something and the bringing together revealed something else in how each relates to the other and how together he parts reveal aspects of the Creator.

This process culminates in the dividing out of Chava from Adam.  He was perfect, yet, Abba chose to divide him, taking Chava out of him and then immediately bringing the two back together.  We know, quite well, that men and women are different and that each reveals different aspects of the Father.  Man and woman started as one, were divided.  Fell in rebellion and are in the process of being restored.

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More on the Bney Yosef Plenary Session

In my last post I promised more about the recent B’ney Yosef Plenary Session in central TN. Honestly, I am still processing and incredibly busy with some of the work that came out of it in planning the upcoming B’ney Yosey North America Summit, info to be released as soon as I have it!!

Mike Clayton has just sent out his weekly newsletter that has his Torah Life teaching.  The first 20 minutes, or so, he talks about his thoughts on the Plenary Session and what he sees going forward.  Here is the video:


ALL Israel… Bones, sticks and kingdoms…

I have really been soaking in Ezekiel 36 the last few days and several times have read on til the end of chapter 37.  Well, this morning a coworker asked me about the dry bones and I got to share two sticks as well as address 37:24-28, verses Christendom ignores because they don’t fit the Christian paradigm.


Who is ‘all Israel?’  Who is ‘My servant David?’  If ‘David’ is in the land overseeing ‘all Israel,’ where is Jesus? Where are you? Who are the two kingdom’s? (v.22 & 23).  Why does ‘David’ cause them to walk in statutes and ordinances… FOREVER?

Hmmmmm….  Seems the’re some seriously false doctrines floating around…