The Shema WallWritten Vinyl in my office… (Pics)

A couple weeks ago, I shared the Shema wall vinyl that I had make for me.  Well, since then, I am guessing they have sold a few, because at least one friend and reader sent me a pic of what is now in his home.  It is posted below.

I had an idea for a blank wall in my office at work that would incorporate the Hebrew text recently placed in large font on the wall of our living room.  Here is a pic of the final product followed by several other related pics.

Shema wall vinyl
24″ wide by about 15″ high, this vinyl on a visible wall at work will be sure to start a conversation of two. The neat part of the Shema is that like the text in the Torah, this includes the ‘jots’ of the two enlarged letters that, when put together, mean ‘witness.’ Marinate.

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The missing ‘yod’ arrived…. (pics)

Hey, guys!  A couple days ago I told you about the Shema I ordered from, and some sharper eyes than mine noticed that I overlooked a missing ‘yod.’  Well, it came yesterday and I have had time this evening to finish the lettering I was using for a border on the east side of our living room.  Following are a couple pics for your enjoyment.

The second two phrases are Psalm 137:5-6,

If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
May my right hand forget.

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Thanks!! (and, interesting week on the blog!!)

First, a huge ‘thank you’ to the readers of this blog!!  While I could write without anybody reading, it is a blessing to hear your voices, share in your excitement of new treasures found in Scripture and be a part of the amazing prophetic work God is doing in our day!

I’m a bit of a geek/numbers guy…  okay, a lot of a geek.  Check out the pillows on our bed..

IMG_20160205_214945840This past week was a very interesting week on the blog.  I had more views in one week that I have had in any month over the last 6-8 months.  And, this month has already exceeded the total hits my first year!   (This blog is a little over three years old.)  For some reason or another, a post I wrote more than two years ago got picked up in a few Facebook circles and in two days it doubled the total number of hits, all-time.  Before that quelled, an article I wrote last month took off like a shot with a couple thousand Facebook shares.  Amazing!

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