Thanks!! (and, interesting week on the blog!!)

First, a huge ‘thank you’ to the readers of this blog!!  While I could write without anybody reading, it is a blessing to hear your voices, share in your excitement of new treasures found in Scripture and be a part of the amazing prophetic work God is doing in our day!

I’m a bit of a geek/numbers guy…  okay, a lot of a geek.  Check out the pillows on our bed..

IMG_20160205_214945840This past week was a very interesting week on the blog.  I had more views in one week that I have had in any month over the last 6-8 months.  And, this month has already exceeded the total hits my first year!   (This blog is a little over three years old.)  For some reason or another, a post I wrote more than two years ago got picked up in a few Facebook circles and in two days it doubled the total number of hits, all-time.  Before that quelled, an article I wrote last month took off like a shot with a couple thousand Facebook shares.  Amazing!

The end result was a week like none I have ever had, and it reminded me of several very important lessons: Continue reading “Thanks!! (and, interesting week on the blog!!)”

Let me tell you how AWESOME my King is!!!…

About four weeks ago, on a fine Friday morning, I pulled out of my drive while listening to James Block’s Restoration (Psalm 80) and singing at the top of my lungs.  Not paying attention and for no particular reason, I crested a hill less than a mile from home doing 2009-Dodge-Charger-police-car-1about 71 in a 55 and I got busted!  Immediately, I raised my hand and thanked the Father saying, “I don’t know what You are up to, but thank you.”  And, I stopped as quickly and safely as possible, was totally compliant and utterly disappointed in the $185 – 4 point ticket I was blessed with.

It could not possibly have happened at a worse time!  Seriously!  The day before, my job had submitted paperwork for me to go to school in late July with the SC DMV to be certified as a third party CDL tester.  Four points does more than jeopardize me as a CDL trainer/tester.  It ends my job!!  I asked for prayer, informed my supervisor and dreaded my day in court.

This morning was the day and I went prepared to plead guilty, ask for the points to be dropped and offer to pay the full fine.

Let me tell you what happened… Continue reading “Let me tell you how AWESOME my King is!!!…”