The missing ‘yod’ arrived…. (pics)

Hey, guys!  A couple days ago I told you about the Shema I ordered from, and some sharper eyes than mine noticed that I overlooked a missing ‘yod.’  Well, it came yesterday and I have had time this evening to finish the lettering I was using for a border on the east side of our living room.  Following are a couple pics for your enjoyment.

The second two phrases are Psalm 137:5-6,

If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
May my right hand forget.

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Shema!! Here is something SPECIAL for you!! (Updated!)

Wall Written has corrected MY oversight and the missing yod has been found….  😉  Updated pics below and on their website.  Available in various sizes and 0ver 45 colors!!

I am quite excited!!  I was going to wait to share this cool information, but the cat is out of the bag!

detail_4659_12771_-_detailWe have recently repainted our living room and I wanted a border high on the wall.  After playing with some ideas I came to the conclusion that it would be really cool if I could have several verses in the original Hebrew script….  But, the cost!

Well, the idea is still in development as it has continued through some additional twists, but the first part is finished as a wall vinyl…  and, you too can have one at a most reasonable price, in the color and size of your choice! First, look at this shot of how the Shema will look.  It even has the enlarged ayin and dalet.

It started with me reaching out to and asking if they could do Hebrew Script.  Melissa replied that if I could send the text, Continue reading “Shema!! Here is something SPECIAL for you!! (Updated!)”