Paradigm-shifting article by R. Nachman Kahana!!

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

A couple weeks ago, good friend and fellow journeyman, Hanoch Young alerted a number of us about a paradigm shifting thought written by Rabbi Nachman Kahana as part of his weekly Parasha commentary.  Immediately, I wrote Hanoch back and asked him to write an article exploring the implications of Nachman’s earth shaking postulations.  He graciously did so an posted it, yesterday.

Before reading Hanoch’s thoughts, take a few minutes to digest Rabbi Nachman’s commentary.

Hanoch’s article of comment, titled Who WILL Populate the Land of Israel in the Future?, is hosted on United2Restore‘s website.  I definitely recommend signing up over there for email updates and notifications.

Bottom-line, R. Nachman, highly respected Torah and Talmud scholar, breaks with millennia of Orthodox Jewish thought and make the bold assertion that the Ten Lost Tribes will not look Jewish upon their return and, without coming right out and saying iut, he implies that conversion to, or embracing of Judaism should not be a prerequisite for returning to the Land.

Truly monumental!!

We are in amazing days!  This is one more piece of evidence that the time of return draws very near!

Introducing: Commonwealth of Yisrael

Over the last couple months, I have been in communication with OvadYah Avrihami of Kol ha Tor in Israel.  You will remember the advert from the Jerusalem Post that I wrote about titled Yosef Is Alive!!  The originator of that advert was Kol ha Tor (Voice of the Dove).

Long story short, Kellen Davison of Vancouver, BC and fellow Ephramite who longs for reunification of the divided and scattered family, partnered with OvadYah and an organization called Commonwealth of Yisrael was born.  Commonwealth of Yisrael’s purpose is to facilitate dialoge betwen Ephraim and Judah in a ‘safe’ environment while at the same time helping Kol ha Tor represent Ephraim to Judah.

In the coming days, I will share more, with at least one big announcement likely coming in the next month or so.  For now, here is a neat abbreviated history of the division and what we can begin doing about it.  Enjoy…


Following is a terrific paper with lots of Scripture detailing the vision of Ephraim from a Hebraic perspective from an author IN the Land.

ranger6I do not yet know exactly where/how Abba is leading in this time, but feel so drawn to take a stand at this point for Ephraim and his return to the Land.  Personally, my attitude of late is almost a swashbuckling swagger in terms of bringing Ephraim back together and taking a stand.  It feels much like my warrior Airborne Ranger days when we suited up to head into the bush for a mission.  My attitude is definitely that of a warrior.

For months I have been getting into shape and am back to military weight and nearly the same physique, though 25 years older than my heyday.  But the attitude has come back.  I am so ready to take a stand…  not in a braggadocios way, but simply a ‘the time is NOW!’ stand.  I know not what lies ahead, but Abba has definitely been awakening the warrior and molding me.  Please pray for wisdom, discernment and patience.  I am ready to hit the trail.  (My Sunday School class got some yesterday…  listen in!)  No prisoners!  The intensity is way up!

This upcoming Congress is so at the center of my scope.  It is the focus of my prayers, action and attitude.  We have a mission…  I can’t explain it, but feel this call.  May Abba lead and guide!!

Here is the article from Etz B’ney Yosef,  ‘The Tree of Joseph.’

The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are Returning Home
We, the Jewish Nation that lives in Israel, have a surprise coming. Individuals from all
over the world, in growing numbers, are waking up to the possibility that they might
belong to the People of Israel. Are they Jews? Are they descendants of Jews? The
answer is “not necessarily”. How is it, then, that they assume some kind of relatedness to
the People of Israel? Well, these individuals view themselves as belonging to that part of
the Nation of Israel which has assimilated, and supposedly has been lost among the
nations of the world for thousands of years. That, however, will not always be the case… Continue reading ““IT IS MY BROTHERS WHOM I AM SEEKING””