Kelly’s Tallit (Final Pics)

img_20160922_192832325_hdrI owe Chana an apology.  About eight or nine weeks ago she completed and mailed Kelly’s handwoven tallit.  Busyness, health issues and a few other minor complications got in the way of my promised final pictures.  Well, yesterday evening, I used my limited camera skills to snap a few in our newly painted living room.  After taking the pics, I have to say I really like the location and the way they turned out.

Lighting could have been a little better, but the picture behind adds so much depth and richness to the subject and reason for the tallit.

Made entirely of linen and colors changed very often to assemble the beautiful pattern, this is a one-of-a-kind tallit that will last for decades or more.  Truly, a very special and functional piece of wearable art.  Thank you, Chana!!

Here are a few more pics of Chana’s beautiful work.  May Abba bless her hands as she ministers in this special manner!!


Update on Kelly’s tallit…

Ms. Anita sent me a few more pics of the progress on Kelly’s handwoven non-traditional tallit.  I spoke with Anita last night, and we shared a few thoughts from the Torah portion.  Kelly.clothpathMy questions to Anita had to do with all of the woven garments the High Priest and priests wore.  One point I specifically remembering her making is how incredibly difficult it is to scour the linen to remove the tannic acid.    Continue reading “Update on Kelly’s tallit…”

Introducing Anita Heist

As we have grown in the Messianic/Hebrew roots perspective of Scripture, we have been blessed to have an ever increasing circle of fiends and acquaintances.  Many are names you would be familiar with, but once in a while we run across an unknown gem that everyone needs to know for one reason or another.  Anita Heist is one such lady.

march 2016 023
A pretty rack of colorful thread… She has TONS of thread in differing materials like cotton, linen, wool, etc.

A senior lady who has been on this walk for most of her life, Anita is wonderfully gifted and knowledgeable.  Her heart is to teach and her library and interests include a broad variety of sustainable and ancient technologies that would be a treasure in any community, but weaving is her passion.

A world-class weaver who has been commissioned to reproduce exact matches to ancient garments and antique auto interiors, she has worked at the loom hand-weaving custom tallitot, challah covers, robes, and other Judaica for decades.

Recently, Kelly and I along with Tommy and Dorothy Wilson had a chance to share a meal at her table as we passed through Athens, TN enroute to the B’ney Yosef Plenary Session.  What a blessing that time was!!  Without a doubt, I can attest, Anita is an Ephramite National Treasure! Continue reading “Introducing Anita Heist”