Does the coming eclipse portent radical change?

There has been an abundance of media coverage concerning the upcoming eclipse, so I do not want to rehash the blah, blah, blah.  Rather, I would like to share two links I found very interesting and then offer a possible scenario that may currently be unfolding…

In the past I have shared a few things from Dr. Dale Sides, a Christian astronomer, who has a very interesting perspective on things in the heavens.  The following teaching concerning the eclipse is a MUST SEE as he shares a few significant points nobody else is talking about.  After hearing this, I agree with him that the eclipse is meant to point to something else…  namely, the events in the heavens at the point of totality.  Everyone will watch the eclipse, I will be watching the show behind the eclipse when the lights get dimmed…

The second video I would like to share is from an interesting source that studies Continue reading “Does the coming eclipse portent radical change?”

But, is this good for Israel??

The new American President, Donald Trump, donald-trump-speeh-inaugurationhas been inaugurated.  Attitudes at my job  ranged from very negative doldrums to positive exuberance.  In my head, I kept asking, ‘but, is this good for Israel?’

As a US Army veteran who undertook this Hebrew roots transformation, my understanding of myself and Israel have been radically transformed such that my view of this election and the last couple years of American policy have changed considerably.  My guiding thought, regarding American politics, has been, ‘but, is this good for Israel?’

Some years ago, even before I began asking the really hard questions of Scripture, I found myself coming to a place where I could no longer pledge allegiance to the United States of America.  Not that I do not love this country, but I could no longer write a blank check of allegiance to a nation that was, and continues to be, so involved in immoral activities and actions, both here and abroad. Continue reading “But, is this good for Israel??”