‘The Lord’s Supper’ : A tradition of men?

I was raised in Christendom and later attended seminary and was ordained as a pastor in a Presbyterian denomination.  One of the highlights of worship in Christendom is ‘The The Lord's SupperLord’s Supper’ or ‘Communion,’ served quarterly in some churches, more frequently in others.

A recent question concerning my faith was posed asking if our fellowship observed ‘the Lord’s Supper to remember Christ’s sufficient work to pay for our sins.’ While the question is multifaceted in that it has underlying questions about the sufficiency of Messiah and implied questions concerning the place of ‘working out our salvation with fear and trembling,’ I have been pondering the Christian tradition of the ‘Lord’s Supper.’  Is the normal praxis of Christendom with bread and wine defensible or even found in Scripture?  Or, is it a tradition with little basis in Scripture and more a compilation of tradition and ‘feel good’ memories that may seem worshipful, but do not meet the expectations of a Holy God with clear instructions?

Tough, tough questions, but worth exploring!

Having led / performed 60-80 Communion services (our church practice while I was in the pulpit was quarterly observance) I’ll try to shed some light on this touchy subject. Continue reading “‘The Lord’s Supper’ : A tradition of men?”