Does Bethlehem belong to Ephraim?

client_part_1483669287684_vzm-img_20170105_212046I have recently begun reading a small book titled Joseph is Alive by B. Michael Blaine.  Published in 1995, I am very surprised that I had not heard of it until Dorothy Wilson mentioned it on a recent visit.

As I read yesterday morning the author made a statement that shocked me and piqued my curiosity.  He said,

Bethlehem, a village in the hill country of Judah, was given to Ephraim, a northern tribe, for a possession. (pg.22)

I dropped my book and grabbed my Bible, but didn’t see anything obvious.  Thinking, “how did I miss that,” I continued reading as Blaine began to assemble a compelling case that indeed, Bethlehem, or part of it, belongs to Ephraim!!  Continue reading “Does Bethlehem belong to Ephraim?”

MUST SEE Ari Abramowitz video!!

Following is a MUST SEE video by Rabbi Ari Abramowitz.

While we were in Jerusalem during Sukkot 5777, Ari posted an amazing video on his Facebook page from the Parade of Nations which we participated in.  I included it in a post from Jerusalem.

Well, a week or two later, Ari was back in the US on a speaking tour and offered an amazing presentation to El Shaddai Congregation in Seattle Washington.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch his whole talk.  Our Father is doing AMAZING tings in our day and the bridge is being built that will bring the sticks together!!  Please listen very carefully to what he is saying and what he is not saying….