Shofar Making Workshop on December 25th

Hey guys, a few have expressed interest in participating in the shofar making workshop I previously announced.  For those who care to join us, you need to order a kudu horn in the next few days so you’ll have it before the workshop.  Ebay is one source, though I have had good experience with Atlantic Coral Enterprise.  (Many of the ebay listings in the above link are actually Atlantic Corals’ nicer/bigger horns…)  Get the longest horn you can afford.  Just read the fine print as some will say, ‘yadda, yadda, pinholes, not suitable for shofar…’

screenshot-www ebay com 2015-12-12 23-14-26Those who are not making a shofar are welcome to come just hang out…  We plan to start the day around 10 a.m.    Bring a covered dish and we’ll break for lunch around 1…  Fire pit, music, fun, fellowship, etc.  Likely we’ll have an Erev Shabbat gathering and weather dependent, dancing under the pecans…  Who knows??

DIY Shofar

Those who plan to be here, please drop me an email so we have a rough idea what to expect/prepare for. And, BYOH…  bring your own horn…  😉

Some big additions this evening…

Thanks to Ray Gardner, this week’s Torah Portion, Ekev, is posted on the Torah Portion page.

Also, all 27!! Psalm images from Bill Sanford of Aleph-Tav Scriptures have been added to the A-T Images page.  View and share them!!

Lastly, I am continuing to add to the How To: Messianic page.  It will be a ‘work in project’ for a while, but keep an eye on the changes and I hope it will be an easy/simple semi-comprehensive page for new folk coming into the Messianic.

And, closing with a sample from the A-T Images in Psalms that were added…

Psalm 148:1
Psalm 148:1