He restoreth my soul…. But, How?


Read the verses between the above quoted two and see that He restores our soul with the Torah…. It identifies sin, teaches us how to love Him, how to love our neighbor and how to walk as Yeshua walked.  Why in the world would we ignore it?


Celebrating Rebellion.

I was kinda looking forward to watching some fireworks tonight and a bit toward today…  capitol-fireworks01you know, THE Fourth of July?  Yet, since I woke this morning a phrase has been bouncing around my mind like a ricochet bullet.  “Celebrating rebellion!”

Now, certainly, I understand the actions and long-suffering nature of the Founders as well as the many grievances against the Crown.  That is not really the issue.  It is the culture we have of ‘celebrating rebellion!’

Having very recently gone through an issue of rebellion in my household and being the father involved, it occurs to me that as a culture we celebrate rebellion in all of its forms!  Think 60’s, rock and roll, pro-choice, etc, etc.  The list is really endless.  In fact, the very nature of the fallen human condition is rebellion.  Pure and simple.

Today, most have little understanding of what this day is really about.  Most think fireworks, bbq, and beer.  Oh, and a three day weekend.

But seriously.  What are we celebrating?  Continue reading “Celebrating Rebellion.”