He restoreth my soul…. But, How?


Read the verses between the above quoted two and see that He restores our soul with the Torah…. It identifies sin, teaches us how to love Him, how to love our neighbor and how to walk as Yeshua walked.  Why in the world would we ignore it?


Acts 1:6-7 – Yeshua on the Kingdom of Israel…

I still remember distinctly the last conversation I had with my father.  It was nearly 16 years ago and, though neither of us knew it would be the last time we spoke in this life, his words have proved prophetic.Retro-cars-restoration-before-after8

While the content of that conversation is not the point, had he known it was to be our last conversation, I am confident he would have been even more pointed in his wisdom as we parted company.

Yeshua had 40 final days with His disciples and I am confident that the conversations were deeply instructive revelations from the Scripture.  (Recall, the only Scripture they had was the Tanak, misnamed, the “Old Testament!”)  He knew that He was leaving and would be gone for a while.

We are not told the content of those conversations, however, we can take a few hints from the ‘Road to Emmaus’ conversation, and several other passages.  One such passage is the very final conversation Yeshua had with His disciples.  Let’s read and consider,

So when they had come together, they were asking Him, saying, “Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel?” He said to them, Continue reading “Acts 1:6-7 – Yeshua on the Kingdom of Israel…”