Surviving the End Times requires a three legged stool…

Has anyone noticed the crazy acceleration of events in the last few months?  Seriously!  If in the last few years the world looked like it was coming unglued, today, there can be no 3 legged stooldoubt.  Much like an engine over revving, the faster/farther we go, the smaller the hiccup required to cause this spinning top to completely explode!

Events in the US alone indicate that this economy/culture/society are on the brink of disaster, but Europe is in total meltdown and the Mideast continues to boil at an ever more violent rate.

While discussing current events with a close friend, I made the comment, ‘You know, survival takes a three legged stool?’ An interesting discussion ensued.

Honestly, none of us are prepared, though many have a good start.  Here are some thoughts that each of us need to consider Continue reading “Surviving the End Times requires a three legged stool…”

The Search For Truth Takes Courage….

We witnessed courage in Luke and Kayte Abaffy’s very soon to be released documentary, The Way.  They stepped out with a Kickstarter campaign that has given them the resources they need to not only bring this film about the Messianic Movement to light, but an overwhelming response has empowered them to take something good and make it much, much better!!  We, the natsab community, helped!

Daniel HoldingsWell, we have another opportunity I want to share with you.  Friend and author, Daniel Holdings, has written and released a trilogy of books that, while listed as fiction, are amazingly prescient of the times that are upon the world.  These are books that need a MUCH broader audience as they bring serious warning in the form of ‘entertainment.’

My boys are reading his trilogy right now, so I can attest to the importance of this series and their content.  The series isn’t cheap, but for just a little more than the base cost of the trilogy, you can get the series AND help get him what he needs to for a promotional push to put this fiction fact-tion in front of more who need to be warned.

Please check out his Kickstarter campaign and strongly consider helping him get the word out!


Countering the Mark of the Beast…

The ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a pretty common prophecy topic, but have you ever noticed that holy to the Lordthere are several ‘marks’ God puts on HIS people?  By those ‘marks’ can you KNOW that you are one of His?

The mark of the Beast is supposed to be a sign on the ‘right hand or on the forehead,’ as Revelation 13:16 reveals. The exact same terminology* is used in 14:9, 11; 16:2 (2); 19:20 and 20:4.  “Head and/or hand…”

But, what if you knew what the mark or sign of God’s people is?  Would it be worth researching and studying it out??

In fact, Scripture gives several very clear signs or marks that distinguish God’s people.  Consider these very clear verses: Continue reading “Countering the Mark of the Beast…”