Restoring Kol Israel: Patriarchy to Thrive Societally!!

Over the last several months, we have been unfolding this series on headship and patriarchy from a Biblical perspective. The Bible is clear concerning the structure of family and marriage, but we are sure the average reader has harbored the ‘why does God do it this way?’ question. And, we could simply say, ‘Because He can…’ but for many, that would be too simplistic or even entirely unsatisfactory.

Susan B. Anthony, unwitting instigator in the destruction of America.

Personally, I accept Scripture as truth. Period. End of story. But, as with many other areas where the wisdom of Elohim proves true, what if there are very solid sociological reasons why headship and patriarchy are the best route to go?

Today, I read an amazing article that exactly explains the ‘why?’

How Getting Marriage ‘Wrong’ Destroyed Every Great Civilization in World History

The article is long with a pile of research, but it is well worth your time to read and process if you want to understand the major underlying reason why civilizations fail. And, more significantly, why God mandates patriarchy.

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The Search For Truth Takes Courage….

We witnessed courage in Luke and Kayte Abaffy’s very soon to be released documentary, The Way.  They stepped out with a Kickstarter campaign that has given them the resources they need to not only bring this film about the Messianic Movement to light, but an overwhelming response has empowered them to take something good and make it much, much better!!  We, the natsab community, helped!

Daniel HoldingsWell, we have another opportunity I want to share with you.  Friend and author, Daniel Holdings, has written and released a trilogy of books that, while listed as fiction, are amazingly prescient of the times that are upon the world.  These are books that need a MUCH broader audience as they bring serious warning in the form of ‘entertainment.’

My boys are reading his trilogy right now, so I can attest to the importance of this series and their content.  The series isn’t cheap, but for just a little more than the base cost of the trilogy, you can get the series AND help get him what he needs to for a promotional push to put this fiction fact-tion in front of more who need to be warned.

Please check out his Kickstarter campaign and strongly consider helping him get the word out!