Does man delight in what God delights in?

This morning, as I commuted to my job for the day, I was listening to YouVersion read me the book of Job. I’m part of a small group listening through the Chronological Bible plan with some light discussion as we go. (If you care to join us in that plan, drop me an email and we can connect on YouVersion then I’ll add you.)

Anyway, as I’m listening to Scripture, because Jeremy and I are co-authoring a series on Biblical headship and family, I am hearing from a different perspective…. headship!

So, I’m a couple days ahead of schedule right now and was in the last section, beginning at chapter 38, wherein Elohim is dressing Job down for speaking presumptively. God begins,

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On ‘the will of God’…

The Psalms are clear that David, a man after God’s own heart, delighted in Yehovah’s instructions (Torah).  If we desire the heart of God, should we do any differently?

Put another way, David understood that righteousness was obedience to God’s Instructions, but the Church teaches that obedience is bondage and an affront to the righteousness of Messiah.  Who do we believe, David and the Son of David (Mark 10:17-22), or traditions of men?

David said, “I DELIGHT to do thy will…Your Torah is within my Heart.”. Do we delight in His Torah, or do we call ‘good’ ‘evil?’



The Answer Isn’t ‘More Law’…

I woke at about 1:30 a.m. thinking, ‘the answer isn’t more law….’  And, a flood of thoughts ensued.  Knowing I would never get back to sleep if I didn’t make some quick notes, I got up and scratched the thoughts on a piece of paper before crawling back into bed.

law‘The answer isn’t “more law.”‘

Man’s solution has long been ‘more law.’  We have only to look at our own households.  I know in mine we are constantly adding to and fine tuning the ‘laws’ of the house.  A son might do a dumb-dumb that skirts the edge of some existing statute and upon correction he says, ‘Well.  Nobody told me that was wrong!’ leaving mom and/or dad to scratch our heads and say, ‘couldn’t you figure that out knowing such and such was wrong and this is awfully close?’  So, we solve it by adding a new rule.  ‘Don’t do ……’

You know the drill.

Our nation, indeed any nation, follows the same basic course, but on a grander scale!  Consider the founding documents and pretty simple legal code in the US Constitution, yet 200 years on the precedents, legislative actions and legal codes in this nation, including state and municipal, would fill the Grand Canyon!!  We collectively do the same as we do in our homes:  More law! Continue reading “The Answer Isn’t ‘More Law’…”