Christendom is waking up…. And, more.

This last week has been an interesting one as we see prophecy accelerating.  Multiple articles and related visions have been passed along to me, so, here are four ‘must reads’ for you.  I’ll include a note or two with each hotlinked headline.

Mike shared this link from Charisma News:

Holy Spirit Shift: Christians and Jews Reunited After 2,000 Years

Messianic-churchesInteresting article, and while I do not agree with some of the author’s viewpoint (we have refuted bilateral ecclesiology on this blog multiple times and ways), it is clear that more and more people across Christendom are asking the right very hard questions.  Have we inherited traditions from our fathers that have no basis in Scripture?  What was the actual practice of the ‘church’ in Acts?  ect…  A paradigm-shift is in the works.  Buckle your seatbelt!!

Mike also sent this terrific short article with attendant comments:

From Israel Today:

COMMENTARY: Do You Have to be Jewish to be Israel?

It is becoming increasingly clear that Abba is doing something amazing in our day.  The conversation concerning the Hebrew/Jewish roots of Christendom is fast becoming a mainstream topic worthy of honest discussion!!  Buckle up and learn so you can share with others who are awakening to the truth.

Sis Loammi sent this very interesting article with serious implications both physically and spiritually… Continue reading “Christendom is waking up…. And, more.”