Updates: Rebovich Adoption and The Way (documentary)

Two items I would like to update for my readers….

adoptusEarlier today, someone asked me for an update on the Rebovich Adoption that I previously wrote about.  The Rebovichs sent me a little info that I can pass along and I know they still have needs that we can contribute to, links in previous post.  Courtney wrote:

At this point we are at the hurry up and wait stage. All the preparations we can do on our end are complete. The room is ready (with the exception of a few minor things) for baby Rebovich, and we sit and ponder His word in the meantime. Consider Moshe-he was in an open adoption between mothers. Then consider Samuel, who also was in an open adoption. His mother visiting him year to year and bringing him a cloak each time (1 Samuel 2:19). We begin to read each story in the Bible with adoption themes now, and see how beautiful it is. After all, we are all adopted

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Help an orphan have a home…

James 1:27 Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.

Nick, Courtney and Kori with super soft Prissy!

There is no better way to ‘visit an orphan in their distress’ than to provide them with a loving Godly home!!

Dear friends, Nick and Courtney Rebovich, are all about spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom and modeling, in every way, their love of Messiah Yeshua!  They came into this walk about the same time we did and our paths crossed at a Messianic fellowship in Prosperity, SC.  Their contagious fire motivated all of us to dig deeper in the Scriptures and take our King at His Word.

In time, they, along with their beautiful daughter, Kori, were moved to begin facilitating a home fellowship in Greenwood, SC that has grown to the point it now needs to multiply into two fellowships.  In addition to homeshooling and helping to coordinate many aspects of the Messianic community in Western South Carolina, she also participates in prison ministry and outreach to the needy.  But, they have a heart for more!!

As I have previously written, our fellowships are brimming with children and over the last year the Rebovichs have felt a growing desire from Abba to Continue reading “Help an orphan have a home…”

How to Divide a Family… A Thought.

Recently, I happened across a Bethany Christian Services magazine and was reading a couple articles about adoption, and no, that is not something we are considering at this time.  But, a point in one of the articles prompted some thought about family unity and division.

IMG_1112A short conversation this morning in the comments section of another blog connected the thoughts to the One Law v. Two Law debates/discussions I have had before!

A much debated subject in the Messianic movement is whether the Torah is just for the Jews, or is it the revelation of righteousness for all mankind.  We’ve looked at this topic multiple times from various angles, a list of links below, but here is another thought:  ‘How to Divide a Family…’  Simple, have different standards and rewards for the adopted children as you have for the natural born.

Seriously, think about it!  If you had a child and then you adopted another child, would it not cause bitterness, anger, jealousy, resentment and myriad other sins if you treated the two radically differently in terms of rules and expectations? Continue reading “How to Divide a Family… A Thought.”