The Guerrilla Messianic… **updated**

Some 25+ years ago when I was entering the military, the term ‘guerrilla’ was ‘all the Rangersrage.’  At the time, major enemies were not terrorists, though some terrorism was going on.  Primary enemies were Marxist type nations and most enemies we faced were insurgents in small countries.

Typical insurgent armies were under-manned, under-funded, and under-armed, therefore, they tended to resort to unorthodox means of getting their SF sniperpoint across.  Because larger nations and their armies were considerably less flexible and more staid in their doctrines, the insurgents, or guerrillas, often had great success, though under-advantaged in most every way.  The American military particularly aided and abetted guerrillas friendly to our cause, generally with Special Forces soldiers who specialized in teaching ‘subversive’ warfare that centered around ‘hearts and minds’ campaigns while delivering debilitating attacks on infrastructure. Continue reading “The Guerrilla Messianic… **updated**”

Terrific App: YouVersion

Recently, a friend introduced me to a Bible App named ‘YouVersion.’

While I prefer My Sword (a lite mobile version of E-Sword), I have to tell you that I see a Bible-app-icon-english-144x144number of terrific positives for YouVersion and the way it can be used.  First, with 177,000,000 users, it has an extremely broad reach (multiple languages and translations)!!   Secondly, the ability to share notes and verses through social media or directly with friends is a neat option, but possibly the most enticing are the reading plans/devotionals with a little built in ‘award/badge’ system of encouragement.

A few of the existing reading plans are interesting, but the opportunity to create and share some Messianic specific plans is most tantalizing.  Being able to further have users/readers link the plan/completion to their Facebook or Twitter feeds is also most useful.

I am studying through and trying to get my not so techie brain to understand how to create such plans to place on their main feed.  Pray for me and if this is something you would be interested in participating in, drop me a note through the contacts page.  Maybe we can work together for the kingdom!

If you are an app user, ‘friend’ me, ‘Pete Rambo’ so we can connect!

If you have some experience with this app, please share in the comments section!!