The solid Rock of…. the Rabbis?!?

I’m on whopping page 39 of Tim Hegg’s shifting-sandFellow Heirs and already have dozens of margin notes and thoughts.  While some come directly from his writing, others  not necessarily related to his topic have been generated  by something he says.  This is one of those thoughts…

Now, before I lay this thought out there, I have to state clearly, I am NOT unfairly addressing the Rabbis.  I am an “equal opportunity offender” and have dressed down many Christian theologians, Reformers, translators and doctrines. So, in addressing something with the Rabbis, it is not personal, just the business of seeking truth!  Fair?

Hegg, on page 21 said,

The Sages, following the destruction of the Temple, ruled that in lieu of the sacrifice an equivalent payment of money was required: “Our Rabbis taught: A proselyte in these days has to put aside a fourth [of a denar] for his sacrifice of birds.  Said R. Simeon: R. Johanan b. Zakkai held a vote on this rule and abolished it for fear of misuse.  Said R. Idi b. Gershom in the name of R. Adda son of Ahaba, The decision is according to R. Simeon.”   Once again, the fact that a Sage of the stature of Johanan B. Zakkai should seek to abolish the halachah because he saw it as potentially dangerous, should tell us that this requirement was also in some state of flux before the destruction of the Temple.  [Rabbinic quote footnoted from b. Keritot 9a in Fellow Heirs, by Tim Hegg]

Those two mentions of ‘abolish’ in regard to halachah hit me like a bolt of lightning!  Of course!  Halachah can change and is therefore Continue reading “The solid Rock of…. the Rabbis?!?”