You may not like it, but….

Whether we like or don’t like what the Torah says is immaterial.  It is still TRUTH.  It is the definition of righteousness. 
It is okay to wrestle with it, but in the end we have to make a decision: obey or disobey.  We are accountable for every jot and tittle.


The Camera and the Torah

To make ends meet, I supplement our family income by driving a school bus for the local public school system.  I finished training late last year and have a CDL B license with most SB iSM Screen Shot of the ‘bells and whistles’ and all of the extra responsibility.  For the last couple months I have been a regular substitute, but have recently inherited a route.

Typically, I am out of bed at 4:30 a.m. and in the lot warming up my bus by 5:25.  Roll at 5:43 so I can hit my first stop at 6:08.  Have them at school at 7:25 and park the bus back at the main terminal by 7:45.  The afternoon begins around 1:50 and I get home by 5 o’clockish.

My route is very specific with particular procedures at every single stop, particular timing parameters and safety actions.  Add the constant attention to students in establishing and maintaining discipline and safety for 50+ grade schoolers, and it is a recipe for myriad problems.

Over my head as well as midway back on the bus are cameras that capture audio and video.  They are connected to an on-board GPS connected computer that tracks Continue reading “The Camera and the Torah”