‘Done away with,’ or merely suspended?

Central to Christendom’s argument that the Torah or Law is ‘done away with’ is the obvious fact that there is no Temple and therefore, significant chunks of instruction cannot be carried out.  But, does the absence of a Temple mean God did away with that part of the Law as Christendom believes?  Or, does it simply mean that for the time being part of the Law cannot be obeyed?

What does Scripture say?  jot tittle

Yeshua, when talking about the Torah and the Prophets, said,

…truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not [a]the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.

With heaven and earth still clearly here, are there passages in the Law and the Prophets that have not been fulfilled?

To even the most ill informed reader of Scripture, it is clear there are hundreds, maybe a thousand verses/passages that are unfulfilled.  The most perplexing would be the passages promising future Continue reading “‘Done away with,’ or merely suspended?”

Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb Returns to Jerusalem After Millennia [PHOTOS]

I have warned for a couple years now that the day is coming when sacrifice would begin again in Jerusalem.  This NOT a bad thing, in fact prophecy clearly teaches in Ezekiel 43 and following that when the Messiah comes, He will preside over the sacrifice in the Temple.  Other passages as we have explored before, also prophecy future sacrifice, contrary to Christendom’s assertion in the negative.  I have covered this in detail through a number of posts.  Here are just a few under one search term.

Well, today I read a jolting and deeply exciting article that portents again just how very very close we are to having sacrifice re-instituted which is a clear sign the Messiah is near.

Breaking Israel News reported yesterday that

Sacrifice of the Paschal Lamb Returns to Jerusalem After Millennia [PHOTOS]

koran-trumpet-768x644One of the highlights of the Jewish year, the Passover offering, is making a comeback. On Monday, a reenactment presented the Biblical commandment in its full glory, which is fortunate since many rabbis  believe that neglecting this important mitzvah (Torah commandment), even in the absence of a Temple, has grave consequences for Israel.

Just four days before Passover, the day the Bible commands Israel to bring a lamb to the Temple to be sacrificed,  a group of Kohanim (members of the Jewish priestly class) sacrificed a lamb on Mount Scopus overlooking the site of the Temple. The Kohanim wore ritual clothes conforming to Biblical requirements and were accompanied by music played on silver instruments specially made to serve in the Third Temple.
Continue reading at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/66076/passover-sacrifice-makes-comeback-overlooking-temple-mount-photos/#HaYB8uVCVCDmM0CW.99

Whatever you do, do NOT do this….

My good friend and fellow blogger, Peter Vest, has been tracking a cryptic but very intriguing series of announcements from the Temple Institute concerning a “major, ground-breaking, earth-shattering, life-changing, game-changing, announcement…… something that is basically gonna rock the world.   Apparently, the Temple Institute is preparing to make some MAJOR announcement, like, maybe…  “we are prepared to build the Third Temple and have access to the Temple Mount….”  or, some such.

Peter’s two articles are: 3rd Temple NOW? What is the Temple Institute Going to Announce on 7/12/15??? and THIS SUNDAY THE WORLD CHANGES [TRANSCRIPT OF RABBI RICHMAN’S DRASH FROM 7-8-15].

Something major is coming, which is why I want to issue a dire warning!!

Whatever you do, DO NOT …. 

(First, some background…)  Prophecy clearly teaches that there will be another Temple.  Prophecy also teaches that there will be future sacrifice.  I have covered these topics on multiple occasions and I HIGHLY recommend you familiarize yourself with this information to at least have a broad perspective in the coming days.  Here are a few posts:

I do NOT know what is coming down the pike…  Much is happening very fast in the world around us and if not now, sometime in the not too distant future, there will be an announced Third Temple and there will be an altar built and it will cause an immediate UPROAR around the world in every denomination and faith group.

Whatever you do,


If you do not understand it, or do not agree with it , SAY NOTHING and wait for Yehovah (God) to sort it out.  He can take care of the details, but whatever you do, do not place yourself in a position to be standing between Him and whatever He is doing.

I have issued this warning before:  Say NOTHING!!

Please read the above linked articles and study the matter carefully.  At the very least, remain neutral!!!  Also, consider forwarding this to friends and family.  The day soon comes when an announcement will be made and the wise will be very careful with what they say if it is negative toward the Jews, the Temple, or the Altar!!


Grace and Intentional Sin

This week begins the annual cycle through Leviticus with the first Torah portion, Vayikra, Lev. 1:1-6:7.

As we were reading chapters 4 and 5 this morning, I was again reminded get_out_of_jail_freeof the gravity of intentional sin and and our propensity to justify with ‘cheap grace’ the lusts of our heart because we do not understand the Law.

First off, let me begin by saying that Scripture has very little to say about intentional sin.  In fact, willful sin or intentional sin is regarded as high treason against the covenant.  Leviticus opens with a number of explanations about proper sacrifice and peace offerings.  Interestingly, over and over the phrase, ‘sins unintentionally,’ or something very similar appears in many of these instructions.


4:2 If a person sins unintentionallyContinue reading “Grace and Intentional Sin”