Covered = protected

Recently my bride and I were watching a video series about homesteading and farming. The farmer made a statement a couple times similar to “mother earth doesn’t like to be naked so we need to cover her up”. He proceeded to talk about the different types of covering that he uses on his homestead and how if he doesn’t actively cover the ground then unwanted coverings end up happening such as weeds or wild grass etc… My bride paused the video and said “you know I just realized that all covering is about protection”.  

A lot of parallels can be drawn between the relationship of a man with his woman and the farmer and his field. I have touched on this subject in the past.  Recall, the literal physical head covering that a woman wears is symbolic of her submission to her head (man) who is in a place of protection and authority over her. When she is properly covered by a righteous man she will not be vulnerable to “unsavory” coverings such as men (weeds) who would only attempt to use and or abuse her for selfish reasons. When she is properly covered she will bring forth fruit that is valuable to her man (farmer).  In a corollary thought, uncovered land will erode and be destroyed, where well tended land that has a proper cover will thrive and actually become richer soil over time.

The significance of covering is evidenced in a very literal physical sense with children but also in a spiritual and emotional sense. A righteous man as covering will produce a righteous harvest, where unrighteous covering, like weed infested land, will produce unrighteous children and spiritual and emotional chaos.

Na’aseh V’nishma!!


Barry Phillips taught us a terrific song titled Na’aseh V’nishma with the chorus line being ‘all You say, we will do and hear.’ 

What are HIS instructions?  Do we hear AND DO all?  Maybe my experience in church was different, but we professed ALL, did some, and followed carefully crafted and justified traditions of men.

No more.  All He says, we hear and DO!

Got Torah?