Time to get a New Calendar!!

A dear friend recently sent me a link for the Galilee Calendar Company, an Israeli based company that has beautiful, well laid out calendars that include all the information we need…  weekly Torah portions, High Holy Days, Israeli holidays, Hebrew lunar and Gregorian solar dating, etc!!  Add to that a selection of options with beautiful pictures or art from Israel and this is a real winner!







Tishri 1 is just over 20 days away…  Time to order next year’sfeatures_rotate_450_5 calendar!  Besides contacting the Galilee Calendar Company directly, you can order from their Amazon.com store and have it in a couple days!!

Bless this Israeli company and hang useful art in your home to help keep you on track each week with the portions, Holy days and other useful information.


Something to really think about…


Yesterday, Kelly and I took several teens, including three of our boys to Camp Mashiach.  Long day driving about 11 hours round trip.

In the latter stages of our return home, I was pondering the following thought:

‘If Yeshua was righteous by keeping the Torah, what makes us think we can be righteous while breaking the Torah?’

I know, someone one will say, ‘but we have the righteousness of Christ.’

I say, ‘if you really think that argument holds water, then why don’t you commit murder, or steal, or lie?’

Truth: The one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.


Revive 2016, day 1.

This morning dawned beautifully as pictured above from the 15th floor of the Hyatt, Jacksonville FL.  Today begins the annual conference of Messianic and Hebrew Roots believers sponsored by Hebrew Roots Network.

Already, I have been blessed to connect with new friends and old friends from this blog as well as Bney Yosef North America.  If you are here. Please come find me so we can meet!!

May His Name be praised!