“If you do your part, God does His part…”

I was raised as a Calvinist leaning believer who later attended seminary and became convinced of TULIP, the five points of Calvinism.  Central to all of that is the supremacy of if thenGod and His Work while man only responds to His Spirit.  Now, this is over generalized, but it is the central element of good Reformed Presbyterian Calvinism.

A statement like “If you do your part, God does His part” would make my skin crawl!! Seriously, the ‘Arminian‘ idea that man can initiate action with God was anathema!  (I attended a seminary that was not denominationally affiliated and was about 40/60 Calvinists to Arminians, and countless lively lunchroom and classroom discussion erupted over the differences in the two schools of thought. Sometimes, VERY lively.)

The pursuit of Truth that led me out of the pulpit and into a more Hebraic understanding of God’s Word brought me to a place where I see the responsibility of man in  a whole new light.  So, yesterday, when Tzefanyah’s opening comment at National Shabbat in North Georgia was, “If you do your part, God does His part,” I understood what he was saying.

As I began studying the Scriptures with newfound clarity, I began to notice ‘if-then’ statements all over the place.  Because logic and/or basic computer programming are no longer taught in schools, I offer a quick explanation Continue reading ““If you do your part, God does His part…””