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Banner day at the Rambos!! Just Kidding!

WOW!!  I think I’ll just get an apprenticed OB/GYN certificate…  LOL!

2015 kidding nursery (2)School was out today, so we planned ahead to get some work done on the homestead/farm.  We planned to reinsulate the overhead of the new house as parts had little to no insulation, and other parts had settled significantly from when it was blown in years ago.  But, the job that I thought would take three or four hours became an all day affair!

We had five pregnant mamma goats this time last week.  Unfortunately, on Sunday we lost a momma and three babies due to toxemia, but the rest of the week has been one delivery after another.  Today was the culmination with kidding season ending with a bang!

Midday, we had to stop insulating because one of our girls was in labor with some difficulties.  Turned out the first was a little girl coming breach.  In five years this was our first breach delivery.  It was an interesting adventure.  The next two babies came without much event, though we felt like we had won the lottery!  In the 10 sets of triplets we’ve had, this is the first time that we had three girls in a kidding!!

After Malkey delivered and things settled down, we went back to insulating in a mad scramble to finish before sundown and the beginning of Shabbat.

After we had all showered and were getting ready for dinner, Gunnar heard a soft moan from the barn Continue reading “Banner day at the Rambos!! Just Kidding!”