Are fathers really that important?

I’ve been holding on to a video for a couple weeks that I wanted to write an article about, but time is a precious commodity… I’ll let this speak for itself.

Here is a secular, female divorce attorney who specializes in defending fathers. She has a fantastic grip on the importance of fathers and has made a real difference in the lives of thousands of children who still have close access to their fathers!

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Restoring Kol Israel: The Family (Introduction)

The restoration of Israel, all Israel: it occupies my every thought and is prominent in every prayer.  It is a factor in every major decision I make, and most minor decisions. I continually ask the Father, ‘What does it look like?  How will it function? What is my part?’

Over the last couple years He has repeatedly brought me back to the basic building block for any society: Family.  And, as I have studied. He has again and again taught me lessons regarding the many parts, but the most foundational, Biblical manhood and headship, keeps coming to the fore.  He has also brought or connected me with other men who have various parts of the answers and together we have discussed and emailed/texted/phoned hundreds of hours. We have read and processed books and teachings as we’ve dug deeper into what a true Biblical family looks like, how it functions, the roles of each member, etc.

I count it a special blessing to share one of these resources over the next few weeks or months as together we assemble some lengthy posts covering aspects of this topic. Truly, many books, can and have been written on the topic, but so many, maybe most, have a significant amount of tradition and inherited falsehoods that do not lead us to correct conclusions or results.  Our desire is to spark a conversation within the Messianic/Hebrew roots community about what Scripture really says about the family, headship, patriarchy, man’s role, woman’s role and marriage.  

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