Podcast: Ken Rank and Hanoch Young discuss upcoming Congress

Here is a terrific short podcast from United2Restore.  Founders, Ken Rank and Hanoch Young discuss several topics, but the primary purpose is to discuss the upcoming Congress that Kelly and I will be attending in May.


If you want some background on the Congress, see these posts:

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Enjoy the above linked podcast!!  Excellent interview.  Can’t wait for more info from them as we get closer to the Congress dates!



For my regular readers: Talk to me…

I’ve had such a good response from Canada and South Africa, I wanted to open this up to others…

My emailed message to responders from Canada and South Africa is/was:

As you know from reading recent posts on natsab.com, my wife and I are going to Israel for the First Ephramite Northern Israel National Congress. Discussion among a number of us from across the US who are planning to attend has led us to begin meeting with and seeking out the voices of those in our area, so that we can be a voice representing more than ourselves at the Congress.

Currently, I do not know of any delegates from Canada or South Africa. Because I am representing several congregations in South Carolina, I would also like to offer my voice to those of my blog who are not in the area of any known delegates.
Frankly, we are all feeling our way at this point and following the Ruach’s call.

May I hold your email address and as we get a little closer and I have specific questions or topics of discussion, I will converse on specific matters to be discussed at the Congress?

I would also encourage you to get Al McCarn’s book, recently reviewed on the blog, so you have some material to formulate ideas and questions from, to help us better plan and move toward a united nation in waiting.

We all covet your prayers and thank you for taking a stand for Messiah Yeshua and His Torah.

I want to make the same offer to regular readers here in the US and other nations abroad.  Respond to me through my Contact Us page if you are interested in an email or closed discussion group where I can hear from you as we prepare for this Congress.  I want to be able to share ideas and thoughts and to hear your thoughts and ideas.

I would encourage you to get and read Al McCarn’s book, Give Me A Place Where I May Dwell.

I look forward to hearing from each of you and either, connecting you with a delegate from your region/area, or hearing and personally representing your thoughts at the Congress.

Shalom and blessings.

I’m Going To Israel!! (And, you can help!)

I am so incredibly excited right now, I do not know whether to run, jump, dance or…  Doors to a long time dream to spent time in The Land have just opened up!

Here’s the scoop!!

Yes, I have long wanted to visit the Land of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but have been content to wait.  Early last Fall I received an invitation to participate in a conference in May 2015, but because we were packing to move with no place to go and because I saw no financial way to participate, I put the invite on the shelf and forgot about it.

A few weeks ago a friend asked me if I have any needs in ministry that they might be able to help out with, and at the time I knew of nothing, so I thanked them and politely declined.  Then a couple days ago, as I read Al McCarn’s new book, I was reminded of the conference and it purpose: It is the First Ephramite/Northern Israel National Congress, details at link. I was prompted to pray and ask if this was something I needed to pursue.  Continue reading “I’m Going To Israel!! (And, you can help!)”