Counting down… (and, a special song!!)

Several months ago, when we began planning/preparing for the trip to Israel it seemed so far off on the calendar.  I remember writing a countdown on my office calendar that exceeded 100 days and thinking, ‘it will never get here!’

Well, lately, things have been happening so fast my head is spinning and I can hardly sleep!  Abba has been directing pieces so clearly that this walk has simply been an amazing dream-like state where I wait with baited breath to see each new thing He will accomplish as He goes before us.  Truly, an amazing experience.

From the beginning, I have sensed that this Congress could have significance implications for many, many people.  This sense has been confirmed by many people through private and public words and prophecy.

I want to thank the many who have made this possible through gifts and prayer.  Time will tell, but your faithfulness may have incredibly far reaching impact.

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