Update on the Messianic Ministries of Uganda!!

Messianic Uganda
Distribution of Messianic Congregations in Uganda

Recall that several months ago I posted an opportunity to help fledgling Messianic congregations in Uganda through the ministry of Dr. David Sloss and Baraka International Ministries.  Well, there is still much opportunity to help, so I wanted to share two update newsletters I just received from David after his recent teaching trip to Uganda.

I was excited to read of some of the help we were able to send and pray that you can help this ministry as it establishes a firm Torah-pursuant, Yeshua-loving foothold in the heart of Africa!!

Following are links to the newsletters, but first, David’s address should Yehovah lead you to partner in this terrific work!!  Please pray and consider this ministry!


c/o Dr. David Sloss, PhD.

057898 12th Line,
RR #1,

Here are the newsletters:

AMLC Report – 2015

Uganda Update June 2015