Urgent: Please pray for Scott Hillman!!

Those who have been with me over the last couple months are familiar with AoG Pastor Scott Hillman and his recent interview by the Tennessee state AoG Board.

Well, I do not have any details, but his wife emailed me to ask for prayer because the Board is having him reappear before them tomorrow, October 17, 2016.  It is the first day of Sukkot and a High Sabbath, certainly a significant day for them to have an obedient teacher of God’s Word stand before them.  May Abba give Scott grace and wisdom as well as compassionate boldness!

AoG Pastor Changes to Sabbath and Feast Observance. Why?

Following is a terrific video of Assemblies of God Pastor Scott Hillman humbly and compassionately giving testimony of why and how he and most of his congregation began keeping Shabbat and the Feasts of the Lord.  Interestingly, after many questions and deep discussion, his denomination allowed him to stay and Hillman reveals that he is not alone.  Apparently, there are a number of AoG congregations that have begun to take all of God’s Word seriously.

He is not alone.  I have recently heard that there are more than 100 Southern Baptist Missionaries who self identify as Messianic and walk as the Messiah did, keeping Sabbath, eating clean and keeping Feasts.  I personally know several pastors, one Southern Baptist, who have made the switch in the last year.

Our Father is doing something amazing in our day.  He is bringing His people back to the fullness of Truth and causing them to question doctrines that are not rooted in Scripture, only justified with logic.  May He be praised!!