Some additional notes on Evan, the Cornerstone!

After the study I put up the other day on the Hebrew word ‘אבן‘  (even or evan) meaning ‘stone,’ I decided to build on it for our congregation’s Wednesday evening Torah study.  I dug up a few more verses with the Hebrew word and we had a ‘ball’ just looking stone_2at familiar texts and ‘seeing’ new things as remez insights for Messiah.

Now, not all verses with the word ‘evan’ point to Mashiach, or at least we didn’t ‘see’ Him under every stone…  pun intended, but we found some really cool verses that you will enjoy, and they’ll peak your interest in other references as you read.

If you have not read the ‘אבן‘ study, you need to do so to understand the rest of this post… 😉 Continue reading “Some additional notes on Evan, the Cornerstone!”