A Delightful Discovery!

I spend more time exploring the Word and reading books than exploring the offerings out there by different Messianic teachers. So I confess that I am not up to date with everyone!

A friend of this blog mentioned to me Jay Carper at AmericanTorah.com and two of his articles specifically written about Mutual Submission. Pete Rambo has discussed this subject at his personal blog natsab.com and on his YouTubes. So I was curious what Jay had to say. Below are his two-part articles on Mutual Submission and the second one is a gem in particular!! He made some connections that I’d not put together myself. I’ll be exploring more of what Jay Carper has already written on his blog and learning from him.

First part on mutual submission: http://www.americantorah.com/2014/09/20/mutual-submission-in-marriage-pauls-real-meaning-in-ephesians-522-33/

Second part on mutual submission (and really, really good!): http://www.americantorah.com/2014/10/28/mutual-submission-in-marriage-part-two/

Exposing the ‘mutual submission’ fallacy in marriage

A common Christian error concerning marriage is ‘mutual submission.’ The fallacy is usually built on,

Ephesians 5:21 …and be subject to one another in the fear of Messiah.

The very next verse delves into marriage relationships, therefore, the two must be connected, right?

Well….  not so fast!!

Simple logic and a reading of the next few verses in context will quickly dispel the ‘mutual submission applies to marriage’ fallacy. Continue reading “Exposing the ‘mutual submission’ fallacy in marriage”