Plans for December 25th?

Most of the world has a pretty good idea what they will be doing December 25th, but I don’t.  Since we stopped celebrating that holiday, due to its myriad pagan rituals and connections, we have spent the last several December 25ths with friends doing various things.

Last year, a group of friends helped us with finishing a barn, the year before we hosted a bunch of Messianic friends and I taught a cheese making class, etc…

Well, it is time to start thinking about what we will do this year.  While we could simply stay home and do nothing, and I am fine with that, I know many other recovering former Christmas celebrants who need some activity as a way of avoiding the day’s traps.  So, I am pondering co-hosting a shofar making class in a friend’s shop….  Is there anybody in the SC area that would be interested in a day of fellowship and shofar-making??

And, if you are not in this area, maybe you can plan a December 25th gathering for a bunch of Messianics to do something other than what the world will be doing….

The time to make plans and preparations is now…