Louis Farrakhan and I agree!? WOW!!!

Here is a clip of Louis Farrakhan that I can’t find anything I disagree with….  The amazing thing is that Farrakhan is more correct and righteous in this video clip than a majority of professing ‘Christians.’  Even more interesting, this clip is more relevant today than it was three years ago when it was posted.

First, a side note:  Scripture declares homosexuality is an ‘abomination.’  Scripture also declares that eating unclean is an ‘abomination.’ If the Church calls one an abomination, but not the other, they have just made themselves judges over the Word of God and made themselves irrelevant because their Standard ceases to be Yehovah’s Word and is now man’s cherry-picked position.  Selah…


Why don’t you eat skunk?

Seriously.  Why don’t you eat skunk?

Well, because anybody with half of a brain knows that skunk is not food!skunk

In the discussion of food, many want to run to Mark 7:19 and errantly declare that ‘Jesus made all foods clean.’

Well, a simple reading of the context of the passage reveals that the topic is not even about food. The topic is TRADITIONS of men that are used to override clear Scripture.

IF Yeshua/Jesus declared skunk (or pork) to be clean, then He was teaching against the Torah and the Pharisees had a legitimate reason to kill Him (Deuteronomy 13:1-5) and did not need false witnesses (Mark 14:55-59)!  The very fact that nobody lifted a finger or voice of dissent in Mark 7 indicates that everyone in the crowd knew that when He said ‘food’ He was, by definition, speaking of ‘clean’ food…  that which the Torah already defined! They knew, without any question that skunk was still NOT food…  Neither was pork, hamster, cockroach, lobster, shrimp, alligator, armadillo, buzzard, etc…

Put yourself in the shoes of the listeners that day and ask yourself, Continue reading “Why don’t you eat skunk?”