Finally!! Exodus Road’s first album!!

Yesterday, as I sat at my desk, my cell phone rang and Tony Boyatt’s number came up.  I answered and he jumped right in, “Its finally finished.  The album you’ve been waiting for, Exodus Roadcan I send you a copy?”

After a little chit chat and getting details he mentioned it was on the web and gave me the web address.  Before our five minute conversation was over I had purchased and downloaded the album!

I’ve said it before, I just love their sound and their focus!  Hailing from North Georgia, this talented group of musicians and vocalist have a sound that brings serious mountain influence to the Messianic/Hebraic scene.  Gospel with a hint of bluegrass, heavy on the strings, I believe they have a very unique sound to offer.

This album opens with Song of Glory, the first tune I ever heard Exodus Road play.  This is a Hebraic mountain sound that will pleasantly get stuck in your head!  Continue reading “Finally!! Exodus Road’s first album!!”