Tzitzits in a snap?

Here’s a quick/fun post…  The other day I used tzitzits as a case study for how we can learn to keep commands and allow others to interpret commands for themselves within the lines Abba has given us.

snap-br-1-300x300A friend sent me a link for a website advertising “Tzitzit in a Snap.”  Neither he, nor I have any affiliation and I do not normally promote businesses, but I thought this interesting enough in the wake of our previous discussion that I decided to share it.

(Personally, I was drooling all over their attache case…   LOL!  Very 30’s Casablanca-esque…  I have no need of one, but it sure is purty.)

The tzitzits at left are a pretty classic example of one person’s interpretation that fits the spirit of the command, but might ruffle some feathers…  Do we learn to walk at peace and let people be obedient with ‘different colors’ while still ‘coloring within the lines,’ or do we demand that they fit our box?  What do you think of these?


Blessings, Pete