A most tender display of repentance!!

Following in an amazing letter and response between two incredible and incredibly different men, both of whom I am privileged to call friends and co-laborers in the restoration of long broken relations. I first read Ken Rank’s letter a few days ago, and it drew tears because it expresses the cry of my heart. Imagine my surprise when writer and friend, Eliyahu Berkowitz of Breaking Israel News, reached across the fence with the kindest of responses that drew still more tears!!

Abba is doing something that is utterly amazing in our day. May we all not only be given eyes to see it, but may we also walk in this level of humility and repentance as we seek our Father’s face and his restoration of a long broken relationship!

A Yom Kippur Repentance From a Devout Non-Jew and My Jewish Response

I received this letter from Ken Rank last week. Rank founded United 2 Restore in order to bring Jews and Christians, or as he prefers to describe it, Judah and Ephraim closer together, in order to “re-build bridges of communication which have been previously burned”. He sent me this letter as part of his personal teshuvah (repentance) for Yom Kippur. My response to him was sincere, and I intend for it to be a part of my Yom Kippur prayers. Continue reading “A most tender display of repentance!!”

More than just the dry bones of Ezekiel coming alive!!

Over the last year, I have been a witness to and a part of seeing the dry bones, spoken of by Ezekiel the prophet ( ch. 37 ) begin to come to life.  Indeed, there is much much more that I haven’t seen, but even my small glimpse through BYNA and the increasingly obvious second stick has been amazing.

Well, today, I read a couple articles indicating the fulfillment of another end times Ezekiel prophecy beginning to take place.  Breaking Israel News has had several astounding articles about parts of the Dead Sea suddenly teeming with life in, get this, FRESH WATER pools!!

We visited the eastern shore of the Dead Sea last year and I can tell you, it is starkly beautiful and far too salty to sustain life, yet….  Breaking Israel News tells the rest of the story in the following three articles:

Fulfillment of the Dead Sea Prophecy has begun!

The woman behind the viral Dead Sea Prophecy coming to life!

What do fish, bread and the Dead Sea Prophecy have in common?  You might be surprised.

Enjoy!!  Even as we watch the craziness of the world increase, it is clear that our King is not just paralleling, but running ahead of the adversary…  So incredibly exciting to be alive right now!

The Omer, bread making and last Shabbat

omer-barley-crop-grindingThis past Shabbat we were blessed to host a couple local fellowships and have 50-60 people here for worship and food.  I invited our good friends, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, to come do the teaching according to whatever the Father placed on their hearts.  We were not disappointed.  Then, today, a feature writer for Breaking Israel News, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, posted an article that perfectly meshed with our lesson, even providing confirmation and pictures!!  More in a minute.

Tommy and Dorothy had been digging deeper into the meaning and reason for counting the omer and what might be the spiritual significance.  In her research, Dorothy found a terrific lesson on the omer which included a part she titled 10 Steps to Making Bread:

(The abbreviated version follows.  For the full notes she found, go here, but understand I have not read anything else on the site and therefore do not necessarily endorse….  yada yada…)

Being part of the people of God, if we desire to be one of those two loaves waved at Shavuot, then we need to consider the process of bread making. Continue reading “The Omer, bread making and last Shabbat”

Christian Seders a Growing Phenomenon

Breaking Israel News (BIN) has a terrific article up this morning that delves in the Seder observance of Messianic and Hebrew roots believers.  I appreciate Eliyahu, the author, giving us a fair shake and accurately reflecting our position, even if he is not entirely in agreement.  I appreciate, too, that he uses a number of individuals to confirm various degrees and types of observances among our larger community.

It is very interesting to track BIN’s fascination with and coverage of Messianic and Hebrew roots believers as they exit the Church in droves as the Spirit leads them back to the ancient paths.  BIN recognizes something deeply spiritual and prophetic is occurring and they are bravely willing to openly wrestle with it.  We must walk in grace and humility sharing when given opportunity and letting the Ruach do His work!

Enjoy this article and if so led, comment here and there. Share on Facebook, etc…

“And this day shall be unto you for a memorial, and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD; throughout your generations ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.” Exodus 12:14 (The Israel Bible™)

Annie Washburn of rural Tennessee, with her hair covered and modestly dressed, can pass for an Orthodox Jew. Her family held a seder for about 20 people. It became clear that this was not a traditional Jewish home when, in true Passover spirit, her Chasidically bearded husband, Tom, slaughtered a lamb. “As a memorial, not a sacrifice,” she stressed.

Susan Conrad Gates from Indiana adopted many Jewish rituals as important aspects of her Christian observance, lighting Shabbat candles every week and observing Hanukkah. She also reads the weekly Torah portion on Saturday, incorporating readings in the Gospel. Thirty years ago, reading the Bible led her to wonder if people still observed the feasts. At that time, she took part in a Passover seder led by the Chosen People Ministries. For her it is significant as, Continue reading at BIN…