Matzah Truffles and Pesach Delicacies…

Two years ago, I offered a terrific compilation of delicious Pesach recipes using matzah.

Well, the truffles have been so well received the last two years that I thought I’d kick the dark chocolate and sea salt truffles up a notch…  Here is a selection of what I made late yesterday a I relaxed in the kitchen.

Dark chocolate truffles made with matzah. Clockwise from top left: Coconut, Raspberry, White Chocolate with Macadamia Nut, Manischewitz Glaze, Fireball Whiskey Glaze and Cappuccino. (Poor photography: mine.)

Because we have been improving our diet and have been particularly intentional about adding coconut oil to our diet (google: health benefits of coconut oil!!), I made a few little substitutions to the base recipe.  Continue reading “Matzah Truffles and Pesach Delicacies…”