Baby, It’s Cold Outside….

As we were finishing up the oneg after Shabbat last night, someone at the table brought up the recent brouhaha over the song titled Baby It’s Cold Outside.  In their introduction they said that they weren’t sure about the subject or lyrics and that apparently, some were associating the song song with sexist or sexual harassment and/or possibly pedophilia. Nobody at the table knew the truth of the matter, and because of the potential for it heading into areas that we didn’t want to go, we decided not to explore the topic publicly.

So, this morning, after a cup of coffee, I had a few minutes to privately open that can and see what the issue is.  While I no longer celebrate Christmas, avoiding the incessant shop-inducing music, prevalent even in the grocery store, is nearly impossible.  Therefore, hearing that a song from the mid-1940’s is being vilified, is of interest.

A quick search of the internet revealed multiple articles that cleared the matter up rather quickly and exposed again one of the great problems not just in our culture, but in Christendom as a whole and even, to a degree, the Hebrew roots movement.  This song and the current debate are worthy of exploring and understanding.  There is a lesson here.

As background, apparently a Cleveland radio station Continue reading “Baby, It’s Cold Outside….”