Hermeneutics and Theological Cockelburs

Cockelbur. Not fun, especially once dry and stuck in your clothes!!

Not long ago, an old friend from seminary visited.  Unlike most friends in ministry who jettisoned us after we began this Messianic journey, they have remained close, though we rarely have a Scriptural discussion of real substance.  This visit was different as we enjoyed a spirited discussion that they closed with the simple statement, “Well, you’ve given me a lot to think about.”

During that discussion, we talked briefly about the Sabbath and upon reflection, I noticed something fascinating that will prove beneficial in future conversations.

When we attended seminary at Columbia International University (class of ’02), one of the annual requirements was signing and submitting to the policies of the Standards Handbook.  Because the Christian college and seminary are Biblically very conservative, one of the standards we were required to agree to was Continue reading “Hermeneutics and Theological Cockelburs”