We’re HERE!!! and, a surprise! (Pics, too.)

A loooong day of travel that started yesterday mid-morning with a two hour drive to the airport, and several travel glitches, but we are here!  Already, have had a couple neat blessings.

The trip is long, and we had a couple layovers.  A change in the Miami connection turned the 1.5 hour layover we originally scheduled into 4 hours of sitting, but no real hassle.  The Madrid layover was a bit more interesting…  The Israeli security screening team was no joke.  One member of our small party was pulled into a room to be searched, all her belonging were searched and she was questioned for about 30 minutes as passengers were boarding…  That was interesting and called for some prayer.

We arrived in Tel Aviv about 45 minutes behind schedule and hailed a taxi.  Fun conversation over the language barriers.  He was from Azerbaijan and knew little English.  I know less Hebrew, so it was interesting making a connection, but he’ll pick us up tomorrow!  What was even more interesting is that as we pulled up in front of our hotel, Kelly points to a man standing on the opposite side of the street and says, “Hey!!  That’s Continue reading “We’re HERE!!! and, a surprise! (Pics, too.)”