The Lion of the Tribe of Jew.. D’uh!!

lion of JudahWhat is not to get?  I just don’t understand.

Professing believers in Jesus and even whole denominations having vitriolic antipathy or even hate toward the Jews and Israel is a mystery to me.  Do they not know, do they not understand that even now, at this instant, the Holy One of Israel is still a Jew? He will always be a Jew!

It would seem that their Semitic denying Messiah is a figment of their imagination.  Jesus.  False Messiah.  Cast in the image of Chrysostom and Martin Luther among others.

The everlasting, unchanging Word of God attests over and over that Salvation (Yeshua), the Son of David, will sit on the throne forever!  And, He will Continue reading “The Lion of the Tribe of Jew.. D’uh!!”

“I’m a good Christian and so am I” -Daniel Botkin

While preparing for next week’s conference, I was planning which speakers and topics I want to attend.  Daniel Botkin is a name I’ve heard a number of times, but am not really familiar with, so I thought I’d do a little research.  Turns out, besides being a gifted teacher and long-time Messianic Jew, he is also an artist.  In cruising some of his work, I found this little gem that harkens back so some of our posts about Mr. “Golden Mouth.”

I'm a Good Christian

Botkin brilliantly captures the absurdities that came from the mouth of this ‘hero’ among the ‘church fathers.’  Following is the desription of this painting in Botkin’s own words explaining the text on the scrolls as well as the Hebrew around the perimeter: Continue reading ““I’m a good Christian and so am I” -Daniel Botkin”