What does God say about pornography

Following is a link to an important article written by a close friend of mine. It deals with an issue we really need to dig into to understand what Scripture actually says because Truth is vastly different from what most of us have been taught. Christendom’s incorrect teaching has led to a multitude of emasculated men and boys who believe they are dirty because of their God given desires being labeled as ‘sin’ or ‘sinful.’


The fact is that nakedness is never labeled a sin in scripture and we are tearing down our boys and men when we teach them that it’s wrong to be attracted to the female body. Getting this issue corrected is a major step in the process of restoring patriarchy and masculinity. I ask that each and every reader here please remove your emotions from the issue and approach this subject matter in the same way that you would approach any other Bible question.

6 thoughts on “What does God say about pornography”

  1. Your friend’s post seems well written, well researched, and well balanced. However I’d be a little bit harder on the false teaching within the church. Churches don’t find themselves bashing all men for their natural attraction to women, and enabling women’s rebellion and disobedience, purely by an honest mistake. They are whoring after the world and its Feminism, and browbeating men over appreciating the beauty of God’s gift to men, as though that then gives their wives a license to live in unending sin. They preach license to women while inventing limits on men. Today’s churches are a grave danger to your marriage. I’m living proof.


  2. This is a timely post, coming during the month of Elul, which is traditionally a season of repentance running up to the High Holy Days, especially Yom Kippur. As I recall, one of the traditional prayers has to do with looking at women with desire as objects.


    1. I should be more clear… one of the prayers in Yom Kippur is about looking at women as objects of lust. When men look at naked women, we should remember they ARE women, not objects. Those who are free to marry are free to be desired. Otherwise, the man should desire his own naked wife or wives as much as he wants!!!


  3. If you could pass along this quick comment I’d appreciate it (the forums section of the sure was down). Something that wasn’t taken into account was the fact that pictures of virgins could now be pictures of married women. It’s an extremely dangerous gamble. Additionally, virgins are meant to be chaste and protected by a father, who if they usurp by whoring would be stoned under Moses, so watching them do the act or even looking upon them proffering for it is indulging in someone else’s sin. Could be a prostitute you’re seeing, or it could be a rebellious daughter or someone’s wife you’re indulging in – sin. But encouraging a woman to consume the wages of men and reduce them to a crust of bread is also far from the priestly life the author mentioned, though admittedly not sin. I would have liked to see something in the article on self pleasure since that’s the real question in the minds of many on the topic, but at least it broke down some false walls and ended well.


    1. First thank you for commenting, and I will pass along your comments to him. Let me point out that he did partially address your concerns in this essay. I will copy and paste the relevant portion here:

      “Now this doesn’t mean that pornography is completely okay and that you can just open your mind to whatever imagery you want. Because while there are no blanket rules prohibiting pornography in the scripture, there are certainly some scenarios that would make any image sinful. The first is any image that causes you to lust after a married woman, it doesn’t matter if the image is nude or sexual. It could be a picture of her in a cardboard box and if it caused you to lust after her it would be prohibited.”

      As to the remainder of your comment I would partly agree and I personally have my own scruples about viewing someone else’s sins. If the actions being demonstrated are sinful actions then we probably should not be deriving pleasure from it. So the question becomes what actions being depicted are sinful actions? This gets into some very detailed questions and I’m going to address some of the obvious ones: If we have knowledge that a woman is married and the Image/video is displaying her being intimate with a man who is not her husband then we know that was adultery. (I would guess that is the case in most of pornography) so that wipes out a vast swath of the genre from the equation. However even this is based on the assumption that she is in fact committing adultery which in most cases is not provable.

      What about the images /videos that do not include a man? It seems from your comment that you have reservations because you do not know whether she is married or single. The scriptural example is if she is presenting herself as available then it is integrity to desire her. (Genesis 20:1-6) So unless you have specific knowledge that she is not available it’s not wrong to desire her.

      So if you know she is married do not desire to possess her. That is the command. Exodus 20:17 and Matthew 5:28 but there is no implied command that seeing a woman and acknowledging her beauty or even thinking she is sexy is wrong. Whether she is married or not. The command is do not desire to unlawfully possess her.


    2. All very fair comments, you went deeper and certainly sussed out principles that are important to YaHWeH.

      I would counter that by saying that this essay was aimed at men who are deep in the throes of an “addiction” which can only be handled by rightly dividing Scripture.

      Self pleasure is a simple matter, for men it means we’re unclean until sun down, the same result of sleeping with our wives. For women it doesn’t exist spiritually.


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