What does God say about pornography

Following is a link to an important article written by a close friend of mine. It deals with an issue we really need to dig into to understand what Scripture actually says because Truth is vastly different from what most of us have been taught. Christendom’s incorrect teaching has led to a multitude of emasculated men and boys who believe they are dirty because of their God given desires being labeled as ‘sin’ or ‘sinful.’


The fact is that nakedness is never labeled a sin in scripture and we are tearing down our boys and men when we teach them that it’s wrong to be attracted to the female body. Getting this issue corrected is a major step in the process of restoring patriarchy and masculinity. I ask that each and every reader here please remove your emotions from the issue and approach this subject matter in the same way that you would approach any other Bible question.

3 thoughts on “What does God say about pornography”

  1. Your friend’s post seems well written, well researched, and well balanced. However I’d be a little bit harder on the false teaching within the church. Churches don’t find themselves bashing all men for their natural attraction to women, and enabling women’s rebellion and disobedience, purely by an honest mistake. They are whoring after the world and its Feminism, and browbeating men over appreciating the beauty of God’s gift to men, as though that then gives their wives a license to live in unending sin. They preach license to women while inventing limits on men. Today’s churches are a grave danger to your marriage. I’m living proof.


  2. This is a timely post, coming during the month of Elul, which is traditionally a season of repentance running up to the High Holy Days, especially Yom Kippur. As I recall, one of the traditional prayers has to do with looking at women with desire as objects.


    1. I should be more clear… one of the prayers in Yom Kippur is about looking at women as objects of lust. When men look at naked women, we should remember they ARE women, not objects. Those who are free to marry are free to be desired. Otherwise, the man should desire his own naked wife or wives as much as he wants!!!


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