Letters to my Sister Wife: A New Friend

April 17th 2020 (Friday) 

God makes me laugh out loud. He makes me smile. He is so good at being good. When I think he is so far away. When I think I have been abandoned by him, he always shows me how impatient I am. Almost childish of me really. He brought to me at the most perfect timing a 1st wife living in this plural lifestyle. We hit things off so well and I can call her a really great new friend. How wonderful is God? How ridiculous God has to show me how wonderful he is. Boy, I feel pretty dumb. I praise you Lord for all you reveal to your simple-minded servant. You are so so good. Thank you for new friendships. Thank you for the path you lead me down. You are amazing. Here I am Lord, flawed and small. I am not worthy of such love yet you freely give it all to me, always and daily. You fill all my emptiness with your tender love and mercy. You are the King of my heart and forever I will follow you.

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